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Thesis and graduation

The value of the master's thesis is 30 credits. The student's starting score is calculated by means of the weighted average, which can be consulted in MyUniTO, in the "libretto" section.

Students must deliver the thesis to the supervisor professor and, where required, to the co-supervisor professor not less than 15 days before the start date of the graduation session and agree with them on the format, which can be:

  • electronic only
  • paper and electronic

In compliance with the candidates' choices, in the case of a paper thesis, the teachers recommend the use of recycled paper and low-cost cardboard binding.

Simultaneously with the submission, candidates must complete the deposit of the thesis on the University platform and in the graduation session must deliver, before starting the discussion, the certificate of filing, automatically generated by the computer system.
This certificate must be attached by the commission to the degree dossier.
The absence of the certificate will result in the failure of the Student services to validate the final exam.

All information relating to the deposit can be found on the Tesi online page of the University portal (italian version).

The degree thesis must be prepared under the guidance of a supervisor belonging to the integrated study program in Philosophy, unless specifically authorized by the Council of the aforementioned study program and to be presented to the Student services. The dissertation must be prepared under the guidance of a supervisor belonging to the Degree Course, unless specifically authorized, to be requested from the Board of the aforementioned Degree Course for reasons and specifying the nature of the dissertation.

The supervisor is the person in charge of following the student during the elaboration phases of the dissertation. It is necessary to contact the teacher-supervisor well in advance and agree on the subject of the paper with him.

Update November 2021

Face-to-face discussion
Proclamation in presence at the end of the discussion

For each undergraduate or graduate student, a maximum of four people can participate in the session (all with green pass); the possibility of discussing remotely, on the Webex platform (with immediate proclamation) in the virtual room of the President of the Commission, remains guaranteed for female students:

outside the region
in a condition of personal or family fragility
For a functional definition of the calendars, the need to discuss remotely must be reported to your supervisor or your supervisor. On the day of the session, the President or the President of the Commission will call the undergraduate or graduate student who will discuss electronically in their Webex room.

The calendars will be published in the featured notices of the website in italian version

Graduating students must upload the following documents in the attachments to the online degree application, by the dates indicated in the academic calendar:

  • online application entry receipt: the path is from MyUnito>segreteria studenti>domanda di laurea online. Carefully follow the instructions highlighted by the green background
  • thesis title signed only by the supervisor professor
  • receipt of the questionnaire to be completed on the AlmaLaurea
  • photocopy of the university booklet (for those in possession)


It is specified that the graduation fee must be paid no later than the deadline, but that it is no longer necessary to deliver the receipt to the Student services as the payment is recorded and approved in the "Pagamenti" section on your MyUnito.

It is no longer necessary to deliver a paper copy of the thesis to the Student services. Instead, it may be necessary to deliver a copy to your supervisor and one to your co-supervisor, should they request it.

To submit the graduation application, you must be up to date with the payment of university installments for the current year.
The student is exempt from paying the first installment for the new academic year if he graduates within the extraordinary session. For further information, please contact the Student services.

The calendar of defence / proclamation of the degree theses is published in Bacheca appelli di laurea.

Choose the page of the session of interest and from here search for your degree program or search for your matriculation number with the "search page" function (Ctrl-F)

To access the autumn session and the extraordinary / early session, the last exam must be taken by the date of insertion of the graduation application.
To access the summer session, off-course students are authorized to take a maximum of 12 credits, in the first useful session; undergraduates in progress will be able to finish the exams by presenting themselves at the first useful exam session of the session. In both cases, the list of exams still to be taken must be communicated to the Student services and to your supervisor. It reaffirms the obligation to insert the thesis online in the manner and within the expected time in order to be able to discuss the degree thesis.

Any internships must be recognized no later than the date of insertion of the online thesis. The student's exams must be passed no later than the date of insertion of the degree application.

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