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Philosophy International Curriculum


Since 2016, the University of Turin offers a fully English-taught MA program called Philosophy International Curriculum (PIC). The program shows how  philosophical thinking can address the big global challenges of our time. What is human rationality, and how does it differ from artificial intelligence? Can we trust the recommendations of science? What will work in the post-industrial age look like? Is capitalism coming to an end? Will the 21st century be dominated by nation states or supranational organizations? What are the ethical limits of technological progress? How does  aesthetic perception work?
Guided by experienced teachers of international reputation, students read and discuss classical as well as contemporary texts, and they are trained to reflect on the implications of philosophical research for politics, art, and science. This will enable them to develop innovative solutions to the above challenges.
PIC balances a compulsory core curriculum with ample opportunities for specialization in the student’s preferred area of philosophy. There is a particularly broad offer of courses in analytic philosophy and aesthetics/philosophy of art, but other areas such as history of philosophy and history of ideas, bioethics, and ontology are represented as well. PIC students are thus ideally prepared for pursuing an academic career, but also for other contexts that demand high skills in critical reasoning and creative thinking.
PIC is designed for international students but it is equally open to Italian students who want to pursue an English-taught philosophy MA. Erasmus students are welcome, too.

Essential Information

The Master in Philosophy is a two-year program (120 ECTS credits). Completion of the program requires submission and defense of a final thesis. Normally students will have a BA in philosophy, but applications from candidates with a background in related fields will also be considered. See the program overview and the current list of courses.
In order to attend the program, students will be expected to have proficiency in English at the B2 level of the Council of Europe framework.
The tuition fees at the University of Turin depend on your financial situation. Every student pays a fixed yearly amount of 580 EUR. Then there is a second rate, varying between 0 and 2300 EUR per year, in proportion to your income. Applicants are selected on the basis of their previous academic achievements and an interview with the admission committee (possibly via skype).

Information about scholarships for international students

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